Caloosa Massage Works


Do you come home at the end of the day feeling as though your entire body had been wrapped in a taunt band, stiffened with stress and laden with fatigue, aching down one side of your body and up the other, leaving your hands and arms heavy and tired?

Do you unconsciously rub tense and aching muscle, hoping for relief often caused due to stressful situations or physical tension?

Or has body posture or repetitive motion from sports or work actions,  created muscle spasm, joint pain and stiffness causing the body the inability to function optimally. Massage can relax and lengthen shortened or restricted muscles and stimulate weak and stiff muscles.

The power of caring touch administered through therapeutic massage,  a form of professional touch from a skilled practitioner performed in a matter to bring about a specific therapeutic outcome , is one of the most successful ways to relax painful, knotted muscles. 

Massage has a wonderful effect on our whole sense of well-being by evoking beneficial changes within our body, easing pain and tension from aching muscle and can aid in the recovery of soft tissue injury, boost a sluggish circulation, assist in eliminating toxins, as well as sooth away mental stress restoring emotional equilibrium. When we are touched our heart rate stabilizes, body temperature normalizes, and brain wave patterns are more connected and controlled and our immune system become more balanced.